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Grounding, Protection and Cleansing

Written by Sue and Sarah

It is important when we work with Spirit to be able to Ground and Protect ourselves from any negative energy, otherwise we may become drained or emotionally exhausted. Once learned it can be used quite effectively, not just for investigations but also on a day-to-day basis, we donít expect to come across negative Spirit but we need to be prepared.
Negative energies not only come from unhappy or bad tempered Spirits, but also from the people we work with and this can be transferred to ourselves.

I personally donít believe in demonic possession and have never come across it in real life but there are many things that cannot be explained so I do believe that Protection needs to be done just in case. We can also ask our Spirit Guides to join us and help us stay safe.

Crystals can be used for help with Protection and Grounding:
Grounding - Hematite, Smoky Quartz or Black Touramaline.
Protection - Turquoise, Agate and Smoky Quartz.

We also take food and drink with us on investigations as this is also good for Grounding, even if it is only a few biscuits and water.

We use Protection and Grounding for when we go on investigations or walkabouts, it is usually done within the group at the beginning of all investigations.
Although it is not compulsory to participate, it is advisable.
The one below, is a nice easy one for new members to follow, to remember and to do and it can be practised at anytime and anywhere.

After a couple of minutes visualise your body as a mighty tree, visualise roots growing from your legs and going deeper and deeper into the ground spreading your roots and hooking and anchoring into the solid bedrock below the earth. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly and notice the sense of peace and stability that the Grounding can bring you. When you feel at one with the earth slowly fetch your roots back.
Sit or stand in a comfortable position, close your eyes, allow your body to relax, breathe deeply and slowly for a couple of minutes - in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your body and facial muscles to relax with each breath. When exhaling visualise any negative thoughts or feelings leaving your body.
On the inhale breath, breath in through your nose and imagine or visualise a brilliant white light entering though your nose, or through the Chakra* point at the top of your head and pass the light through your head, body, arms and legs. Allow the light to seep out of your arms and legs or solar plexus Chakra* point which is just above the waist and visualise or imagine the light wrapping itself around your body until you are completely enveloped with the light, through which nothing but love can penetrate.
Feel the warmth and security.

You can look into different Grounding and Protection methods, as there are so many different ways of doing them, but they all use a white or golden light, just find the one that suits you and you feel comfortable with.
I also find meditation helps.

At the end of the investigation we go through a short closing-down ritual.
We thank the Spirits for communicating with us and say they need to stay and not to follow or attach themselves to any member of the group. We also thank our Spirit Guides for being with us and helping to protect us.
A Cleansing can then be done, either singly or as a group.
Cleansing is again taking a few moments to Ground yourself and bring yourself back to earth then just visualising brilliant white rain running through and over your body.


* Chakras will be added to this section of the site shortly



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