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Miscellaneous Articles - Types of Hauntings

Written by Bob

Although everything is theories and opinions vary, the most common types of hauntings seem to generally fall into five categories:

1). "RESIDUAL HAUNTING", also known as "The Stone Tape Theory", "The Stone Wall Theory" or "Place Memory".
This states that past events (usually traumatic) have been imprinted in the fabric of a building or the environment, akin to recording something on video, and under certain conditions these events are replayed giving rise to "ghostly" images and/or sounds.
This theory can be used to explain a variety of phenomena, including why people often report seeing the same things happening over and over again - it's a recording of history repeating itself.
It can also be used to account for why apparitions are apparently seen to hover or to walk through walls - ground/floor levels change over the years and doorways are moved during rebuilding, a Residual Haunting will move about the location as it was in their time.
It must also be remembered that the Residual may be related to an earlier event on the site before the current building or to building materials reclaimed from other properties.
Residual is also thought to be associated with previously owned items such as furniture and the like.
A Residual, being a recording of sorts, is unaware of any viewers and therefore there is no interaction with the living.

2). "POLTERGEIST" (German, meaning 'Noisy Spirit').
This is mischievous and/or malevolent spirit which usually causes disturbances and/or the movement of objects and/or damage and/or occasionally physical assault. This activity is usually focused on an individual person.
This type of haunting is often associated with homes having children who are going through, or have just finished, puberty.
Some parapsychologists suggest it has nothing to do with the spirit world and it's the children themselves - their confused minds unconsciously projecting telekinetic energies which cause the disturbances.

3). "SPIRIT HAUNTING", also known as a "Genuine Haunting", an "Intelligent Haunting", a "True Haunting".
This is an intelligent entity, once a living person, which is capable of interacting and/or communicating, in real-time, with the living.
Either a spirit which is grounded (confined to a certain location) or one that is in visitation (one that is free to come and go at will).
Either a Benevolent (good) or a Malevolent (bad) soul.
Proof of this type of haunting would indicate that the mind and personality survive after death.
Occasionally, an intelligent spirit will communicate, or make themselves known by throwing an object, or rapping. This is very similar to poltergeist activity, and care must be taken not to confuse the two.

An ancient spirit associated with either fire, earth, air or water.

Close to the moment of death, a person may "project their image" to family and close friends. These people may perceive this "image" to be a ghost.



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