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Miscellaneous Articles - EVP Carrier

Written by Bob

WARNING .......... do not attempt these experiments if you are not spiritually and/or psychologically prepared for any message(s) you may receive .......... you proceed entirely at your OWN RISK

This technique, now known as an "EVP Carrier", has been in use for some years.
The process uses a random sound (the Carrier) which is close in pattern to human speech. This is played, questions are asked and hopefully a recording device captures EVP.

There are two theories as to why it seems to often work:
1) It's psychological, once a question has been introduced, the random sounds that were present from the start are interpreted by the mind as an answer.
2) Normal EVPs are rare because spirits don't usually have enough energy to communicate but by using a Carrier they are able to manipulate the sound and get their message across (a process which is believed to require less energy).

To help rule out the first theory, I have created a "Carrier" using foreign speech and a computer application which randomly cut up and reassembled the speech so it no longer sounds like the original foreign language let alone English. I have also inserted "pitch markers" (beeps) into this sound file at regular intervals.
To further rule out theory number one, I have devised the following process which may at first appear complicated but basically during an investigation all it entails is making two recordings each approximately three minutes long, the complicated stuff is done post- investigation.
During an investigation:
a) The Carrier will be played and recorded by a second device, the location must be quiet and free from outside noises such as traffic etc. This recording becomes the Control and contains the acoustic properties of the room.
b) The Carrier will be played and recorded again but this time the Carrier will be paused between each set of pitch markers to ask a question of any spirits in attendance. The recording device will be left running throughout, after each question the Carrier will immediately be restarted and hopefully any EVP will be recorded.
During process a) and b) everyone within the location must remain quiet (except the person asking the questions) and in the same position otherwise the acoustic properties of the room will change.
Post-investigation: should any potential EVP be heard on the second recording, by using a spectrogram application on a PC, its sound waves can be visually compared against the Control to see if there is a change, the pitch markers are there to enable both sets of sound waves to be lined up for comparison. If there is a visual change and providing there were no man-made sounds during both recordings it means that the sounds weren't there in the first place and it's more likely that the Carrier has been manipulated by paranormal means.

The following image shows how both sets of sound-waves can be lined up using the Pitch Markers and compared, in this case the change on the lower image was a deliberate man-made sound for demonstration purposes:


White Noise

White Noise has frequently been used in the past as an EVP Carrier, usually achieved by the use of a radio tuned between channels. The radio is left playing 'static', either questions are asked and the sound is recorded or the radio is simply left in a location with a recording device running.
Later playback of recordings are occasionally heard to contain words or messages supposedly from the spirit world.
Critics argue that these words are naturally occurring - merely bits of radio broadcasts straying into unused frequencies.
Hopefully, to disprove these critics I have created a White Noise sound file using a signal generator computer application. This sound file replaces the radio and is 100% free from speech or anything that could be interpreted as such.

The image, to the right, shows how White Noise appears in the spectrogram:



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