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The Core Team

(in alphabetical order)

I have been fascinated by the paranormal for as long as I can remember, and have had a few personal experiences along the way. I joined Thanet GhostWatch in 2008 and it has given me the opportunity to explore this interest to the full with like-minded people.
On investigations I use a varied selection of audio and visual equipment, analyse the data, and support Bob and Keef in writing the reports.
My most memorable investigation so far has to be the Drop Redoubt Fort, as I obtained some very unusual EVPs there.
I see myself as being open-minded, but have learned with experience to question everything I see and hear.
It is great to work with a group of people that respect each other's beliefs and work well together as a team.


Although a sceptic at heart, the weird and wonderful world of the paranormal has fascinated me from a young age. My main areas of interest are ghosts (no really!) and UFOs, I also have an interest in the occult, cryptozoology and a few other fringe areas of the strange and unusual.
Like most of the team I have encountered things in my life which I just cannot explain and have yet to hear a logical explanation for.
In late 2007 I found Thanet GhostWatch and, after getting to meet the team, have found them to be a most warm and welcoming group, who have both a great sense of humour and yet a serious approach to investigations.
I am very honoured to have been approached to be a part of the Core Team.
For my part, I assist Bob with the collection, analysis and compilation of digital data from investigations and also report writing.
I am learning how to better use the equipment available to hopefully give credence to the phenomena we encounter.



I have been interested in the paranormal for a few years now and had my first paranormal experience when I was a child, when I used to see a little girl at the top of the stairs where I lived.
I came across Spooky Thanet in February 2005 and my first investigation with them was at Pluckley. Since then, I have done quite a few investigations. My favourite indoor investigation was the first time we went to Crabble Corn Mill and my favourite outdoor investigation was at Oxney Bottom Woods near Dover - a very scary place.
Along with the rest of the Core Team I now belong to Thanet GhostWatch.



I have lived in Thanet for a good few years now but originally come from the North.
I am a questioner and have always looked for answers, however for some things there does not seem to be logical or explainable answers. Looking for these answers has led me into spirituality and all things paranormal. Although I don't believe in everything I think I see or hear - the majority of things which we believe are paranormal are simply natural "phenomena" and are scientifically explainable. There are however a few instances in life that cannot be explained away, so having some time on my hands, I decided to join a paranormal group and now actively participate in investigations and experiments within the paranormal, with what I feel is some extraordinary results.
I have always believed in the saying "A closed mind is a good thing to lose".


Core Team Support

(in alphabetical order)

I have been interested in the paranormal for a number of years now. I was a member of Spooky Thanet and took part in a number of indoor investigations, one of my favourite being the last time we went to Crabble Corn Mill. My favourite outdoor investigation was Pluckley.
In 2007, the Core Team set-up our own site and we are now known as Thanet GhostWatch, it's a very exciting time for the team.
I am also very interested in Wicca and I am one of the historical researchers on the site. I enjoy being part of the Team.


 Non-Team Members

Scientific Advisor


I work professionally as a Scientist, educated to Masters Level in the Life Sciences and I am a Chartered Biologist - been working professionally now for 13 years. My work has also required me to be a scientific auditor and investigator. Very wide scientific background - amateur astronomer, photographer, and radio ham.
Long term interest in scientific / paranormal / fortean developments - since mid 80's. Difficult for a scientist to be interested in "fringe sciences or beliefs" you have to be professionally quite brave. Curiosity drives me and the hope that there may be a nugget (or two) of new theory / information that could be of benefit to humanity within the rather large scope of paranormal research.
Been on a number of paranormally focused investigations and helped out as I have been able, with Thanet GhostWatch. Always interesting to encounter new places, situations and points of view, life would be quite dull otherwise.
We have to remember that science doesn't know everything - items considered in the realms of the paranormal today could be mainstream theory tomorrow.
Is traditional scientific methodology a good toolset to use in paranormal research? ....... I don't know, but we can but try.

Website Development

I'm open-minded but critically sceptical and since attending my first paranormal investigation in 1998, I have developed an interest in the technical/equipment side of investigations. During the course of an investigation I will also look for alternative explanations for any witnessed phenomena and post- investigation I will analyse the recorded equipment data.
Despite being sceptical and believing that most phenomena have "natural" sources, I have had a few experiences, including what some may describe as a direct poltergeist attack, which are difficult to attribute to anything but paranormal activity.

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