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Newsletter, July - October 2013

Newsletter written by Sarah.

As from January 2013, to become an active member of Thanet GhostWatch, or if you are just interested in coming along to the meetings, please email the Core Team on providing you are aged 18 or over.
Membership is free, we are a not-for-profit group - all Property Investigations are at cost price and there is no charge to participate in Walkabouts and Outdoor Investigations unless an entrance fee etc is required at a location.
For more details on membership, please follow this LINK.

If you have any interesting stories and you would like them to be included in this Newsletter or on the Forums then you can email Sarah on

From the back end of July through August we took a summer break.

In June we did two Walkabouts, one to a Kent wood and one at St. Peter's Churchyard.
Thanks to all members who attended, very interesting evenings on both occasions.
Reports to follow shortly.

We also carried out a Property Investigation but are not yet revealing the location.
Thanks to all members who attended, a very interesting night.
Report to follow in the near future.

Dates for your calendar:

Sept. 2013 -
Outdoor Investigation scheduled (weather permitting).
Oct. 2013 - Event and Outdoor Investigation scheduled (weather permitting).
Oct / Nov - The next Members' Meeting has been, or will be, posted on the Forums, so if you are interested in attending then please log in and put your name down where applicable (members only).
Some events coming up:

Various outdoor investigations, property investigations and other events being arranged and scheduled.

Details of these events have been, or will be, posted on the Forums, so if you are interested then please log in and put your name down where applicable.
Please remember to check the Forums regularly for any last minute changes.
All Walkabouts and certain other events are dependant on the weather and are subject to cancellation.

"Thanet GhostWatch Property Investigation" organises and runs paranormal investigations at public buildings and carries public liability insurance.
We are a not-for-profit group.


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