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To become a member of Thanet GhostWatch you must be aged 18 or over (proof of age may be required).
There is no online registration - the membership process is as follows:

If you wish to become a member, email your request to

You will be emailed an invitation to attend the next "New Members' Meeting" to meet the Team.
Please allow 3 - 4 days for someone to get back to you.
If you cannot make this meeting, please let us know and we will advise you of the next one.

Following this initial meeting, you will be invited to attend the monthly "Members' Meetings" in order to meet and get to know the other members.

After several meetings, you may be invited to participate in a Walkabout or Outdoor Investigation (subject to available space) as a "Probationary Member".
A Forum account will then be created for you.

After you have attended several Walkabouts or Outdoor Investigations you may be invited to participate in a Property Investigation (again, subject to available space).

Then, should any places become available in the Investigators' Group, you may be offered "Full Membership" as an "Investigator".

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(Page last updated June 2013).

IMPORTANT - prospective new members must also read the following:
Rules, Terms and Conditions
Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer
By becoming a member you are acknowledging that you have read "Membership", "Rules, Terms and Conditions" and "Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer" and agree to be bound by them.

Other benefits of becoming a member include:

Member events during the warmer months to which you can bring your family.

Day Trips to historical or interesting locations (you will have to pay any travel and admission charges etc).

Other various social events.

You participate in any of the above at entirely your own risk, Thanet GhostWatch will not be liable in any way.

Don't worry if you haven't got any transport as local lifts, from other members, can usually be arranged, although you will be expected to contribute towards their fuel expenses.

"Thanet GhostWatch Property Investigation" organises and runs paranormal investigations, at public buildings or buildings that are open to the public, and carries public liability insurance.
In line with our insurance requirements, a Risk Assessment is carried out at each venue.
Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis within the the "Investigators' Group".
We are a not-for-profit group, therefore these investigations are at cost-price - the cost of hiring the venue shared equally by the number attending. A member's place, per investigation, typically costs around 20 plus a small annual membership fee to cover insurance costs and other expenses.

Please Note: we have a strict anti-spamming policy on this site - any member spamming is liable to have their membership terminated immediately and without prior notice.

Unless stated otherwise, or loading from external sources, the content and design of this Site are
Copyright Thanet GhostWatch
Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

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