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Core Team Equipment

An incomplete list:

Various Torches
For safe navigation in dark areas.

Digital Camera x 11
To capture any visual paranormal events.
Unfortunately as there are no negatives, anything captured may not be regarded as evidential.

35mm SLR Camera x 2
plus a wide selection of lenses
To capture any visual paranormal evidence.
Film cameras offer better evidence than digital cameras as there are negatives which can be scrutinised.

Video Camera x 4
Equipped with Infra-Red Night-Vision, to capture any visual and audible paranormal evidence.
These video cameras have the ability to see and record in total darkness.

Infra-Red Light Emitter x 2
Used in conjunction with the video cameras. Increasing the camera's night-vision range and picture clarity above that provided by its own built-in emitters.

Tripod x 2
To mount camcorders/cameras and parabolic microphone.

Beam Alarm x 5
A two-part device consisting of a transmitter and a receiver.
The transmitter sends an infra-red beam to the receiver, the alarm will sound if this beam is broken.

Laser Thermometer x 4
Useful for checking temperatures without direct contact.

EMF Meter x 5
Various, for detecting EMF (electro-magnetic fields).

Natural Tri-Field Meter x 2
Monitors changing DC electromagnetic fields - not AC mains frequency weighted fields.
Used mostly to detect geomagnetic sources or atmospheric magnetic disturbances (Solar / Geomagnetic Storms). Also has function to combine readings from radio frequency (RF) and Electrostatic sensors with the magnetic sensor.

Various digital and analogue audio recorders
Used for note-taking or for audio recordings in the hope of capturing EVP (electronic voice phenomena).
Including various microphones - Boundary, Shotgun, Parabolic, Omni-directional and Stereo Condensers.

Parabolic Microphone x 1
Consisting of a large semi-spherical dish and highly sensitive microphone.
In paranormal investigations, some groups claim it can be used to monitor EVP in real-time.

Planchette x 3
Sitting on a sheet of paper, this is a heart-shaped platform supported on three small legs with a centre hole to accommodate a pen. Fingers are placed on the Planchette and hopefully it is then moved by paranormal means to produce symbols and/or words.

Walkie-Talkies x 8 units
To enable easy communication between investigation teams.

Various Trigger Objects
Placed on a sheet of paper, these are then drawn around and left (ideally with a video camera monitoring) in the hope that they will be moved by paranormal means.

Wireless CCTV
2 monitors, 3 cameras
Useful for long-term, remote monitoring of trigger objects or areas.

Wireless Temperature Monitor x 1
A device displaying the current temperature plus that from a remote sensor.
Useful for monitoring two separate areas or for comparing the temperatures from two locations within a single room.

Temperature Data Logger x 1
A device which constantly logs the temperature at predefined intervals such as every 10 seconds.
This device is pre-programmed via a PC and post-investigation the results are downloaded. The resulting time/temperature can then be displayed as a graph.

PIR Motion Detector - various
A device which sounds an alarm when it detects movement.

In/Out Thermometer
Used to monitor temperatures from two locations.

Compass x 3
Used to detect changes in the magnetic field.

First Aid Kit

Clipboards, Notepads, Paper, Pens etc.
For use with trigger objects, Planchette and taking notes.

Drinking Glass
Used upturned as a communication device.

Used during a sťance to attract spirit.

Geiger Counter x 1 (MiniLabs)
Alpha, Beta and Gamma particle/wave detector.

Geiger Counter x 1 (ex-military)
Variable ranges / backlit display.

Earth Monitor (Brotronics)
Similar to a Very Low Frequency (VLF) Radio. Picks up lighting discharges and naturally caused radio transmissions caused by interactions of the earth's magnetic fields with static electricity discharges and solar wind.

Ultrasonic Receiver (Brotronics)
Tuneable receiver to make ultrasonic sounds audible to the human hearing range.

Ghost Radar (Solid Alliance/GRX)
Interesting gadget, combines EMF, Biofeedback (skin conductivity), Temperature, Light Level, Time (claims Lunar Phase) as well as a UV light and USB stick memory.

Digital Video (Trust)
Small low-quality imaging / recording unit plus an USB Camera with Infra Red Capability.

Proximity Sensors x 4 (Spytech)

Vibration Sensor x 1 (Spytech)

EMF to Audio Units x 3
Pickup coils that can interface with recorders for audio recording of EMF sources.

Near Field Meter x 1 (Watson)
10 MHz - 3 GHz RF detector.

Wide Band Monitor x 1 (Yupiteru)
100 MHz - 1.3Ghz all mode radio receiver.

Temperature and Hydrometer Units x 2
Digital units.

Thermocouple Reader x 1
Type K thermocouple and long probe.

Night Vision Scope x 1
Generation 1, zero magnification, inbuilt IR spotlight.

Radiation Dosimeter
2 units, one film / one pen unit.

Sample retrieval materials
Various tweezers, containers, gloves etc.

Antistatic Gun
For the removal of static charges from equipment.

Triggered Camera x 1 (Digital Dream)
A digital camera with inbuilt movement / heat sensor or timed / time lapsed exposure control.

Metal/ Stud / Current detector (B&Q)
Used for surveying rooms.

Ring Main Analyser
Domestic electrical checker.

Casio tri-sensor watch
Temperature/Compass/Atmospheric Pressure readings.

Chart Recorder x 1 (Dickinson)
A seven day temperature recorder.

Dowsing Equipment (information supplied by Sue)

Dowsing is the ancient practice of looking for minerals, metal, oil and in fact anything that is hidden, including people. As well as this, it can be used in paranormal circles for many things among which are scrying, divining, looking for leys/earth energies, sacred places, healing and finding and talking to spirits etc. There are many instruments used for Dowsing, including the Pendulum and L-Rods.

Pendulum x 2
A pendulum is made up of two parts, a cord or chain with a crystal or metal object on the end but basically anything can be used. The length of cord or chain is usually between 10cm - 20cm.
A pendulum can be asked to react in a certain way, for example clockwise for "yes" or anti-clockwise for "no" or vice versa. There are many possibilities as to the way in which the pendulum moves, by practice and asking it questions you will soon pick up the positive and negative answers and the way it indicates them.

L-Rods x 1 pair
The L-Rod is a metal bar that is about 40cm - 50cm long and is bent at a right angle at around 10cm - 12 cm. With forearms outstretched, one is held, by the short end, in each hand. Questions can now be asked or, if you are looking for something, walk forward.
A positive indication is usually a movement of the rods inwards and eventually crossing, a negative response is usually indicated by an outward movement.

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