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Walkabout Report

Minster Cemetery
Minster Cemetery - Photo: Sarah

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Written by Claire with additions by Jake.

Friday 28th May, 2010.

Group: Sue, Sarah, Keef, Jake, C.B, Julie, Paul and Claire.

The group entered Minster Cemetery and began to walk around the war memorials.

Jake went ahead to see if he could pick-up on anything, whilst the rest of the group looked around.

Jake could 'see' lots of people who were dotted around the cemetery looking at the graves, including a gentleman in a brown suit, bowler hat and with side whiskers. But each time he approached them to speak to them they would move away.
It seemed as though they didn't want to communicate, and maybe this is why the cemetery has a rather sombre feel to it?

Minster-in-Thanet Sign
Photo: Jake

Jake was stood on the path between the memorial chapel and the war memorial, nearby he sensed the spirit of the gentleman with the bowler hat staring at a grave (the writing on it was badly damaged, with the lead letters having been removed). However, the name (name #1 - withheld from this report) was visible, could this have been the man named on this grave?
The graves in this area dated to around the 1920's.
As Jake spoke to this gentleman, he looked up at Jake, who then noticed that he had no eyes, just empty sockets, before he promptly moved away from Jake.

Stood near the war memorial, a loud voice 'said' to Jake "For God's sake man, show some respect!".
Jake asked for them to speak again but with no obvious results.
Jake was drawn to name #2's grave, which was nearby and felt it could have been him that had just spoken.
Jake directly addressed him and then heard footsteps and movement on the boundary between the cemetery and the field on the Minster village side of the site.
Unfortunately no responses were captured on any audio recordings.

Jake moved away from the war memorial and followed the path towards the small group of trees. Nearby he was 'told' that there used to be out-buildings and a voice 'said' "They've taken them down now".

Jake could 'feel' a definite presence in this area and could also hear (actually hear - not sense) footsteps and voices from the hedge that borders the cemetery on the Minster side.

View of the cemetery
View of the cemetery - Photo: Keef

Jake went down to the hedge to see if any physical person was there. On the other side, was a pea field which had no footmarks or footpaths and nobody was seen despite Jake making a thorough search. Jake felt that this was someone who wanted to enter the cemetery but couldn't, they had been buried in unhallowed ground for a crime and wanted to be in with the "others" rather than "stuck outside".
This could have been a criminal but was more likely to have been a murder victim - maybe one who hasn't yet been discovered and who is buried nearby.
Although, again, they didn't communicate, Jake felt that they had changed a lot since their passing and had repented for something they had done, they were now looking for peace and rest. However, their lack of communication and their drawing away made it impossible for Jake to help them move on.

Jake repositioned to a bench in the cemetery, the memorial plaque on the seat was to name #3. Jake was then 'joined' by a gentleman in a dark green tweed suit with a light coloured shirt with lines of some kind - almost similar to a work-type shirt.
He 'told' Jake "They couldn't have picked a better spot".
Jake could 'see' him but not how he had looked when he had passed, he had a connection with coal mines and a slight Welsh accent.

As Jake was conversing with this gentleman, he saw a dark figure over by the war memorial. The gentleman told Jake "There's lots of things around here". He also indicated that he was more attached to the marshes and the Monkton Road areas, and that he had owned two Labrador dogs.

Jake thanked him and rejoined the group.
On later analysis, Jake discovered a strange noise on his voice recorder which was not audible at the time.
This audio-clip is not included in this report as it was very brief and difficult to decipher with the background noise of the nearby road.

The group took a short break in the newer part of the cemetery.
Sue suggested that there was a deeper feeling of sadness in this area, to which some of the group agreed.
This could have been attributed to the fact that these graves were more recent and didn't feel like they were part of history as the older ones were?

After walking around the rest of the graves, Jake, Sue and Keef decided to go back to the far side of the cemetery where Jake had picked-up on a few things earlier.

Jake confirmed, name #2 who had earlier told him to "Show some respect", it had been his grave he had been standing next to at that time.

He also sensed a presence on the nearby roadway which the cemetery overlooks and described it as slowly walking towards the group with some hesitancy. To him, it 'appeared' as a heat haze in the shape of a person but he was unable to ascertain if it was a male or female, or be able to make out any details.

Sue asked-out with a "Hello" as she thought she had seen movement next to the bushes.
Jake requested for this spirit to come forward and communicate with them but with no obvious results and nothing unusual was evident on the audio, on later inspection.
Jake felt that the spirit would have only been able to see the three of them (Jake, Sue and Keef) as dark shapes next to the war memorial, this was why no-one had come forward - the group would have seemed like 'ghosts' to any spirit present.

Pictured right - a 'mist' which appears to be in front of these bushes but probably too far away to have been breath. This was not evident in the photo prior to this one.

Photo: Jake

Sue sensed there was now a woman present.
Jake felt this may have been the presence he had sensed as a heat haze on the roadway. Sue and Jake both agreed that they sensed this person in older style clothing, possibly of the Edwardian era.
Jake wondered if Sue had picked-up on anything else concerning this woman. Sue replied she hadn't, but did feel she had already been around for a little while during the investigation.

Jake sensed a small dog with the lady, but couldn't ascertain if it was associated with her or just happened to have been there at the same time.

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