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Cliftonville Seafront
Walkabout Report

View of Newgate Gap
Photo: Claire - Newgate Gap

Written by Jake

Friday 29th January, 2010.

Group: Claire, Julie, Keef, Jake and Bob.


Departed Margate Harbour and walked along the cliff-top towards Cliftonville, passing The Lido we arrived at Newgate Gap Bridge.
Stood on the bridge some of the group picked-up on a falling/jumping over the edge.

We relocated to the steps, near to the road, that lead down into Newgate Gap.

Near to the bottom of these steps, Jake picked-up on a "George" who was in a uniform and although he was standing well back, he did want to be known.

In one of the little alcoves, to the side of the steps, Jake detected the presence of a tramp sleeping rough. He was wearing a trilby and brown mac and was asleep on a green bench, although no physical bench was now there.

The group then walked down towards the beach and under Newgate Gap Bridge - pictured right.

Bottom of Newgate Gap at the junction with the lower esplanade.
Jake picked-up on a woman who had thrown herself off the bridge, she 'showed' Jake the scene directly after she had jumped (very nasty and graphic).

Newgate Gap Bridge
Photo: Jake

Jake explained that the impact point had been to the left of the Gap when facing the sea, she was in visitation and not trapped. She had been feeling really low at that time but now feels more cheerful and has sorted herself out somewhat.
She gave Jake her name, age and the year she had passed (as this was within the last 50 years, these details are being withheld from this report).

The group then moved on in the direction of Walpole Bay.
At the first set of railings/barrier we took a quick break.

On the lower esplanade looking towards Walpole Bay from Newgate.
A black tracksuit was visible, to Jake, jogging on the same spot . As Jake moved towards it, it moved away and when he moved back it resumed its initial location.
To Jake it appeared to be a well-known brand of tracksuit as he could make out the white lines on the arms and the logo on the chest. There was no head, hands or feet just this moving tracksuit.

We continued walking along the esplanade towards Walpole Bay.

Arrived at the first set of stone steps.
Jake sensed a small boy sitting on the wall near the cliff. He had been here on holiday and had either slipped over in the sea or went out of his depth and had drowned, hitting his head in the process. He indicated that he wasn't confined to this area and sometimes went to visit his parents.
He was wearing striped swimming trunks and had blond or fair hair.
He gave his name, age, year of his passing and home town to Jake (as this was within the last 50 years, these details are being withheld from this report).

We continued along the lower esplanade.

Arrived at the Lift.
Jake could 'hear' someone speaking German, but he couldn't understand what was being said.
He sensed this gentleman was badly burned and was a Luftwaffe pilot of an aircraft that had come down in the sea, between 200 yards and mile off-shore of where we were currently stood.
His name was "Willie" or "Wilhelm" and the aircraft is still there, probably along with the pilot's physical remains, Jake sensed.

It was felt that someone or something was watching us from the concrete steps a bit further along in Walpole Bay.
Jake was certain we had encountered this entity before and it knew who we were. Jake deemed that it was not really the right time to confront this so we retraced our steps back towards Margate.

We returned via the lower part of the Lido where we took a short break and watched the waves breaking over the old bathing pool.
Jake picked-up on the residual energy of a person dressed as a cowboy who was walking around, he was probably connected to the wild west themed bar that used to be part of the Lido complex.
Jake could 'see' him going in and out of the buildings on the promenade that face towards the steps which lead to the old pool.

Pictured right - a view of the Lido from the cliff-top.

Due to the waves now breaking over the promenade, we made our way up to the cliff-top via the slope at the end of the Lido.
Some of the group had earlier seen a face or figure looking out of one of the windows of the Cliff Bar in the Lido complex. As we walked up this slope, we all saw something at one of the windows but because of the light and shadows it was very hard to substantiate exactly what, if anything, it was?

The Lido complex
Photo: Jake

Arrived back at Margate Harbour.
Walkabout ended.

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