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Bluebell Hill
Walkabout Report

Kits Coty
View of Kits Coty - Photo: Keef

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Written by Bob with additions by Claire M.

Friday 11th June, 2010.

Group: Bryn, Bob, CB, Jake, Sarah, Sue, Keef, Julie and Claire M.

Arrived at the bottom of Bluebell Hill where Jake parked the bus.
We walked up the hill and then followed the footpath down to Kits Coty.

As another paranormal group were already at the stones, we made our introductions and then located to the nearby wooded area and footpath.

Jake picked-up on a man riding bareback on a brown horse, he was wearing riding boots and had a long cape which was secured by a shinny metal clip. Jake felt he was from around the Middle Ages or just before.
Also, there had been a Roman settlement nearby, he was getting the residual energy of troops marching in various directions from a camp which had been further up the hill.

A Protection and Grounding was preformed for those who wished to participate.

During the Protection, Sue 'saw' a mist-like apparition in the shape of a person but she was unable to make out if it had been male or female.

Bob, who was observing, had seen glances of movement further up the path on a couple of occasions but on closer examination no physical person was present in that area.

The group moved a short distance down the footpath for a Seance Circle with Claire M's voice recorder placed at the centre - later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
Circle members: Jake, Julie, CB, Sarah and Sue.

Jake sensed a presence in the field on the other side of the trees, which then moved to just behind Sarah and Sue.
Sarah was sensing someone in bare feet and her leg, next to Sue, had turned cold.
Jake was also picking-up on a farmer carrying a shotgun, in the neighbouring field, who was accompanied by a dog.

The name "Joshua" was 'heard' which kept repeating over and over, it was felt he was a young boy aged between seven and nine years.
Jake could 'see' him in short trousers but strangely his legs appeared to be covered?

Julie briefly 'saw' a young, male face in the trees behind Sarah and Sue, and described him as being slightly shorter than Sue.

Sue reported 'seeing' another semi-transparent apparition, either the same one or similar to what she had witnessed earlier during the Protection.
Jake suspected this was a very ancient spirit and Sue had been very privileged to have 'seen' it.

Jake felt that magic, relating to nature, had been preformed in this area, such as for the weather and childbirth amongst other things. This had also been performed using a Circle and it was our Circle that had drawn them to the group.
These had been very spiritual people and because of this their energy is still around after all these centuries.

Jake picked-up on someone who had been knocked off their horse whilst riding down this footpath, they had been on the run from something and had hit their head on an overhanging branch. Jake wasn't sure at this time, the events were still jumbled, but he now felt they had an argument and had "gone for a ride in anger". This was either a man riding away from a woman or a woman riding away from a man.

Kits Coty
View of Kits Coty - Photo: Jake

Jake sensed a long Victorian dress "floating" around the group but with nobody in it. Moving in a clockwise direction before slowing down and then changing direction.
Jake now felt it was probably from the Edwardian era, he could 'see' a pink and brown flower pattern on the hem, and encouraged her to come forward.

Jake asked for one of the group to be touched.

A few minutes later, Julie reported a pain sensation in her hip.

Jake, again, encouraged her to come forward, and shortly afterwards nearby rustling on the ground was heard.
Jake suspected they wanted to come inside the Circle and continued to encourage them.

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