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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
St. Peter's Churchyard

St. Peter's Churchyard
Photo: Bob

Thursday 27th June, 2013.

Group: Sue, Sarah, Paul, Julie, Claire and Bob.

Written by Bob.

Walkabout commenced.

At the wooden bench, at the start of the centre path, Sue thought she had heard a footstep behind her despite there being no physical person in that vicinity at the time.

We continued along the centre path towards the far end of the churchyard.

In the far-end section of the churchyard, Sarah had gone on ahead and had been sat on the bench waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. During this time, she had heard what sounded like someone stomping their foot on the ground which had then been followed by the sound of a woman singing.
These sounds had no been apparent to the rest of the group as we approached this area.

Sue, now sat on this bench, described having a "weird sensation".

An EVP session was commenced at the bench, during which several members heard what sounded like two thuds on the ground.
Sarah picked-up on "18" which she felt may have been part of a year and Sue sensed the presence of a large, well-built, lady named "Elsie" who was wearing a headscarf.
Sarah suspected this lady was either a nun or a nurse.
Sue sensed "Elsie" was in the far right-hand corner, she was aged 45 - 50 and was here "visiting".

Later examination of the audio recording revealed nothing unusual and the two thuds, clearly heard by various members, were surprisingly not evident.

Claire, whilst taking photos, had the name "Samson" pop into her head, shortly after this she noticed a gravestone bearing a similar name.

In the far right-hand corner, Sarah reported feeling dizzy in a particular spot and commented that this area felt very strange to her.

Claire, Paul and Julie, who were over the other side, clearly heard someone shout "Claire!", Sue had also heard something but couldn't distinguish what had been said.
Claire thought it had come from the far left-hand corner next to the main footpath.
As far as we were aware, we were the only persons in this area.

We all moved to this corner.

Bob clearly heard three or four heavy footsteps on the main footpath behind the bushes which sounded like boots with metal studs. This was also heard by Julie.
Quickly moving onto the footpath, we confirmed there was no physical person to be seen in either direction.
At the same time, Sarah had detected an odour reminiscent of a Swan Vesta match having been struck.

Prior to this, Sarah had thought there had been someone stood near to her in this corner but had dismissed it as possibly a tree branch moving in the wind, but now she wasn't so sure?

We headed back along this main footpath in the direction of the church.

At the first footpath junction, three trees into the end section of the churchyard, Sue had been in the churchyard and looking towards the main path where she had witnessed fast movement - not a human shape but "like a dark light anomaly". She went on to describe it as being about the size of a football, moving approximately five feet off the ground, but she was unsure if it had been solid?

As Sue was describing what she had seen, Claire reported seeing a "massive black mass" in the near distance along the grass path in the churchyard. This shape was brief, and had moved right to left before disappearing.
We went over to this area where we were able to estimate it as being around seven feet in height by comparing it to the nearby tree and bushes.

Pictured below - the area of Claire's sighting which moved right to left in front of the tree roughly in the centre of the photo.

Area of Claire's sighting
Photo: Bob

Later, Claire mentioned that it may have been someone wearing a black cape or cloak and on horseback as it was so tall and the swiftness of the movement resembled that of a horse moving quickly.
Sue agreed that it could have been as she had been sensing a cloak earlier.

Pictured right - a light anomaly close to the area of Claire's sighting.

We moved back onto the centre footpath, not far from Claire's sighting, after Sue had reported seeing movement in this area.

A loud growl was apparent to most of the group but surprisingly, given its clarity and volume, it was not evident on the audio recording.
We couldn't agree-on from what direction the sound had come but Paul mentioned he had also heard similar earlier.

Sue and Sarah felt on-edge and Bob reported having developed an intense headache since having been in this particular spot which cleared as soon as he moved position.

Light Anomaly
Photo: Claire

Julie heard what sounded like a chain and footsteps from the direction of the main footpath, she thought the chain may have been a dog lead (someone walking their dog) but there was no physical person (or dog) in that area.

Claire mentioned having seen movement, a short distance away, near a bush.

As we moved towards the main footpath, several of the group heard what sounded like something going over a metal manhole cover. Again, surprisingly, given the volume of this sound, it was not evident on the audio recording plus there are no manhole covers or anything that could have made such a sound in this area.

Several members heard a whine but suspected this may have been wildlife, Sarah then witnessed a flash of light when no cameras were in use.

Back on the last section of the centre footpath and heading towards the church, Bob detected a brief perfume-type odour.
Sue was sensing movement, not along this path but across it, back and forth constantly.

Further along this path, Sue mentioned the activity had now ceased, she felt it was concentrated at the 'crossroads' of the paths.

As we turned off the centre path, Claire heard what sounded like someone nearby on the grass walking through fallen leaves.
Sue felt she had seen movement in a similar direction and that they had just "answered" Claire, when she mentioned the sound of leaves, by purposely dragging their feet through them.

As we rejoined the main footpath, Claire, at the back of the group, thought someone was whispering behind her. Claire felt this had been a female and she had also heard a sound similar to a horse hoof.

End of walkabout.


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