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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report

Richborough Castle
A section of Richborough Castle - Photo: Claire

Saturday 11th August, 2012.

Group: Sue, Sarah, Claire, Bob, James and later joined by Martin, Julie and Paul.

Written by Bob.

Arrived at Richborough Castle.

On the footbridge (pictured right), just outside the castle wall, Sarah got a strong sensation that bodies were buried close by.

In the remains of the chapel, Sue sensed the general activity of people coming and going but strangely nothing associated with the Roman era.
She was also getting death connected with the Font structure near the castle wall.

Photo: Bob

Sarah was sensing boots made out of fur which were laced up with leather strips in a criss-cross pattern.

Sarah picked-up on a "Beth".

We left the castle and, soon after, were joined by the rest of the group.

WWI Prison
Remains of the WWI Prison - Photo: Claire

Arrived at the remains of the WWI prison (pictured above).
This and the following photos were taken a few years earlier, as the building is now unfortunately covered in graffiti.

At the far end of the corridor, Sue sensed an English soldier, he was of large build and was wearing a beret with a feather in it.
Sue felt he was probably a guard rather than a prisoner.

An EVP session was commenced in the last right-hand cell but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

During this session, when asked for a rank or serial number, Sarah got "1845" but it was uncertain if this was a year, or a number/part of a longer number?

Sue sensed this soldier/guard was a sergeant, possibly a Fusilier.

Pictured right - some old graffiti in one of the cells.

Following a break, Paul was fairly certain he was picking-up something in the end right-hand cell, he was getting something earlier but couldn't be any more specific at this time.

He also found this cell to be "environmentally different" to the rest but did wonder if this was due to it having an almost intact roof and therefore being more enclosed?

Some old graffiti
Photo: Claire

Another EVP session was commenced in the last right-hand cell but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

As Sue asked-out, in this cell, she thought she had heard a sound behind Bob who hadn't heard anything.
After requesting a repeat, both she and Bob heard a noise. Bob thought it sounded like a foot dragging on a hard surface which had loose, small stones on it and Sue described it as a "hard shuffle".

The floor in this area was concrete which was covered by a layer of dry, soft earth.

Sue also mentioned, she had earlier heard bumping-type sounds on various occasions, initially she suspected they were caused by something physical but they had now ceased.

Outside this cell, Sue picked-up on "Mort" which she suspected could be a name.
Bob mentioned that "mort" could be French meaning dead/death (translation, later confirmed).

Pictured right - some more old graffiti in one of the cells.

A trigger-object was placed on the floor at the end of the corridor and photographed, it was requested it be moved and everyone went outside for a short break.

We returned but there had been no noticeable movement of the trigger-object which was later confirmed by comparison of photos taken before and after.

At the far end of the corridor, Sue asked-out.
She sensed this sergeant was here to protect the building and to stop it being broken up, he was angry because of the structure's already dilapidated condition.

During an asking-out session in the far, right-hand cell, another noise was heard by Sue and Bob. Bob thought it sounded like water dripping onto soft ground but the cell was completely dry and there hadn't been any rain for at least four days.

Some old graffiti
Photo: Claire

We left the prison.
Shortly afterwards, Sue became aware that her shoelace was undone and wondered if this had been an unnoticed response to one of her requests?
The way she tied her laces meant it was unlikely that it had worked loose on its own.

End of walkabout.


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