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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
Ramsgate's Westcliff and Western Undercliff

Screaming Alley
Screaming Alley - Photo: Bryn

Saturday 28th January, 2012.

Written by Bob.

Group: Sue, Sarah, Bob, Bryn, Karl, Andy2 and Russell.

We commenced in Screaming Alley.
Sue was sensing a "general strange atmosphere", as she had done so on previous occasions in this area, but couldn't be more specific.

Pictured right - several light anomalies appearing to be above the group. However, these are more likely to have been moisture as it was a damp evening.

Sarah picked-up on a scruffy woman who had been following us down since the toilet block.

Light Anomalies
Photo: Bryn

As we turned onto the cliff-top, Sarah indicated that this woman was no longer present.

On the promenade, rear of the church, Bob heard what sounded like a deep growl.

After passing the former site of the model village, Sue remarked that the "general strange atmosphere" she had been sensing had now ceased, as usual on passing that particular spot.

We descended down Jacob's Ladder - pictured right.

On the first corner landing, Karl indicated that he was experiencing an all-over tingling sensation as though he was vibrating.
Bryn pointed out some mains cables in a metal conduit but a scan with the K2 Meter failed to reveal any EM Fields.

Karl remarked that the tingling sensation had now ceased.

Jacob's Ladder
Photo: Bob

We continued down the steps and located at the side of the church.

Karl picked-up on a woman who had been attacked by a sailor.
Sue and Russell both remarked that this particular area had a bad feeling about it.

The K2 Meter registered several small readings but these could have been associated with electrics in the close vicinity?

Sue asked-out, there was no apparent response but Karl did get a name (name withheld from this report) whom he suspected had been the attack victim.

The group made its way along the Undercliff, stopping at the base of the disused lift.

Sue sensed that someone had fallen here in the past, probably a man, there was also a woman present.

Sarah felt upset and thought she had heard several footsteps.

We continued along the Undercliff.

Sue suspected she had heard movement on the path behind the café but was unsure if it had been something natural moving in the breeze.

In the tunnel section of the Chime, Sarah reported smelling a burning rubber odour.
No one else detected this but Russell did smell something which he described as similar to a fire which had just been extinguished.

Bryn picked-up on a suicide but couldn't be more specific, he could also smell horses.
Sarah indicated that she was no longer getting the burning rubber odour.

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
Just before this session, Sarah got the year "1753".

Sue, outside of the tunnel, picked up on two men named "Harry" and "Stephen".
She felt these were old men, who travelled regularly up and down the Chime, one was wearing a hat similar to a flat-cap.

A large thud was heard, which seemed to come from further down the Chime, it sounded similar to a brick landing on concrete.
Despite looking, there was no sign of what it may have been.

Sue felt these two men were aged 60 - 65 and she got the impression they were carrying or lifting something heavy at the bottom of the Chime.
She sensed that "Harry" was the eldest.

Bryn was picking-up on two horses that had been ridden hard up the Chime but he could only 'see' part of them as their legs were below the ground (as though the ground level had changed since their time).
He was also getting a Jeep-type vehicle, moving fast down the Chime, but this was from more recent times.

Sue asked-out.
She felt "Harry" had a beard.

Sarah felt upset and sensed it was connected to an accident near here.

Most of the group agreed that the temperature had just significantly dropped.

Bryn witnessed a flash of light (no torches or cameras were in use at this time).

Sue sensed that these two men were doing something at the bottom of the Chime, where they had equipment located.

We moved out of the tunnel and continued up the Chime.
Sue felt these two men had a connection to an old wooden lifeboat.

Bob remained behind to take a photo of the tunnel (pictured right) and got the distinct feeling that he was not alone.

Up on the cliff-top, Sarah got a strong urge that she needed to return to the tunnel, as if she was being beckoned back.

Via the cliff-top, we returned to Screaming Alley.
Nothing to report.

Photo: Bob

End of Walkabout.


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