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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report

Pegwell Bay
A view of Pegwell Bay - Photo: Bob

Saturday 21st July, 2012.

Group: Sue, Claire, Martin, Bryn, Bob, Roger, Sharon, Julie and Paul.

Written by Bob.

Commenced from near the Viking Ship and followed the track down onto the disused access road leading to the former Hoverport site.

Once on the access road, Sue commented that she found the atmosphere here to be threatening.

We entered the Seaweed Tunnel (pictured right) and made our way to the field end.

Paul volunteered to go, alone, back to the centre of the tunnel.
Once in position, asking-out commenced, requesting that something be done for Paul.
Almost straight away, Paul reported a significant temperature drop and feeling a cool breeze to his right-hand side although this could have been natural air movement in the tunnel as it was moving in that direction.

Claire stumbled after seeing what she described as a "purple, hazy form" just inside the entrance at the sea end of the tunnel.

Photo: Bryn

Sue, at the field entrance of the tunnel, also heard a sound as if in response to one of our requests.

Julie, approximately one-third in from the field entrance and facing towards the sea, felt something brush past her left-hand side, it could have been a draught but it was moving in the opposite direction to the natural air circulation.

The entire group moved to the centre of the tunnel.
An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

During this session, Sue and Julie witnessed a light moving left to right at the sea end of the tunnel.

As the EVP session ended, Julie and Bryn heard a sound which they compared to someone clearing their throat - a sound not made by any of the group.

Five of the group heard three distinct footsteps or taps in an apparent response to a request. One member remarked that it sounded like someone walking in high-heels.
We requested a repeat and straight away three more were heard.

Sue felt compelled to turn around towards the field entrance, she was getting a strong sensation that something was behind her.

We requested four taps or footsteps, none were apparent but Sue thought she had heard a small growl.

We requested more, and two or three footsteps or taps were heard by half the group.

After the next request, Claire and Julie, who were towards the sea end of the tunnel, heard two sets of two taps, and Sue picked-up on the name "Sam".

We made one final request for a loud noise before taking a break but only one faint tap was heard by three of the group.

Sue was sensing a male presence who seemed to be roughly just past the centre of the tunnel towards the field end.

None of these sounds heard by the group were apparent on the audio recording.


Group members spread themselves out along the length of the tunnel.

During asking-out, Bob who was roughly in the centre reported getting neck pain on the left-hand side (towards the sea) and an intense headache in the left temple.
Bryn moved next to Bob and experienced similar as well as temporarily losing vision of the daylight from the sea end of the tunnel in his left eye. Paul a little further away was also experiencing neck pain on the left-hand side and a heavy pressure on his head.
Roger, slightly further towards the field end, was unaffected.

Bob and Bryn, simultaneously, reported seeing the outline/shadow of a figure on the tunnel wall opposite, but there was no physical person in the vicinity, who could have been responsible, when a torch was switched on.

Claire near the sea end, detected a breeze moving in the opposite direction to the natural air current.

Sue sensed someone move past her and continue on towards the field end of the tunnel.

Julie has a sudden urge to start laughing for no apparent reason.
Both her and Claire were aware of a breeze moving against the natural air current.

Roger reported seeing lots of tiny static lights towards the field end of the tunnel.

Bryn took a photo (pictured right) which appeared to show a spiral around/over Sharon. This was very clear on the camera's screen at the time although it is not so evident once on a computer.
Bryn checked people's positions immediately after the photo, and checked the tunnel walls for markings
that may have been responsible, but none were found.
Group members are outlined on the photo below, the two red spots are Paul's glasses, the other faint red areas are uncertain and could be an artifact from the camera.

Sue asked-out for the old man.
As she did this, Bob took a photo and in the flash Sue reported seeing a figure but later examination of this photo showed nothing unusual.

Julie and Claire, approximately one-fifth of the way in from the sea end, reported that they had simultaneously experienced itchy faces and necks.

Sue sensed someone was nearby.

Photo: Bryn
Claire, now roughly in the centre of the tunnel, got the name "Jacob".

Another EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Claire noticed what looked like a face next to Bryn, who was sat in the sea end entrance, this was then also seen by Sue and Paul, although it was accepted this was probably paradolia caused by the light and bush behind Bryn.

Loud movement was heard by the entire group from the field end of the tunnel.
Bob moved to this area but could find no physical reason for this sound.

Claire picked-up on a young girl, aged five or six, who had long blonde hair. She had no socks and was wearing a dress which came down to her knees and was tied with a ribbon around her waist.

Photo/Outlines: Bryn

Claire was getting the impression that she used to hide down here but could not determine if she was actually hiding from someone she was fearful of, or was just playing a game.

We left the tunnel.

We located on the disused access road to the former Hoverport.

Bryn sighted a possible UFO over land in the direction of Ramsgate which shortly afterwards "blinked out".
Pictured right - this is a cropped image but remains at its full native resolution.

We moved to the centre of what would have been the Hoverport's car park.

Sue sensed "Harvard" and wondered if there was possibly an American connection?

Photo: Bryn

As we moved towards where the terminal building had once stood, Claire thought she had seen the lights of a cyclist heading towards us but there was no physical person in the vicinity.

As we continued walking, Claire remarked that her legs felt very heavy, like lead, and she felt nervous as though something was waiting for us.

Sue was sensing the activity of many people going about their business.

Movement, from the nearby bushes, was heard by Sue, Claire and Bryn - probably wildlife?

With nothing else being seen, heard or sensed, we headed back towards the old access road.

As we walked up this road, Bob, at the back of the group, saw a brief light between his feet on the road surface, similar to an intense red LED, but examination of the road surface with a torch revealed no explanation for this.

Pictured right - a light anomaly, probably an insect, looking up the access road (this is a cropped image but remains at its full native resolution).

A minute later, Claire heard what sounded like two people having a conversation, she got the impression that they were either in, or carrying, a rowing boat (the tide was still out at this time).

As we continued up the road, during an asking-out, Sue thought she had heard faint voices from the direction of the former terminal building.

Photo: Bob

Claire and Bob both heard a tapping sound but from different directions.

Sue remarked that she didn't find this area as threatening, as earlier, when walking in this direction.

We reached the top curve of the access road and then turned back.

Just after coming off the road and onto the track, Claire thought she had heard someone speaking in front of Martin but everyone was behind him.

End of walkabout.


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