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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
Palm Bay and Foreness Point (1)

Palm Bay
Palm Bay - Photo: Bryn

Tuesday 10th April, 2012.

Group: Bryn, Bob, Sarah, Claire, Martin and Sue.

Written by Bob.

We chose this date as an experiment after Claire calculated that, if the extra days due to Leap Years were excluded, this would have been the anniversary of the WWII American bomber crash which occurred here at around dusk.
Although, some of us still intend to return on the anniversary date of April 27th as well.

As we neared the bottom of the slope, at the Margate end of the bay, Sue heard a voice and expected to see someone once we turned the corner onto the sea-wall promenade but, having turned the corner, there was no physical person in the vicinity.

We walked along the promenade towards Foreness Point.
After approximately fifty yards, Sue and Bob, at the back of the group, both stopped at the same time and looked back as they got a distinct feeling that someone was behind them.
Sue had also heard several footsteps but, again, there was no sign of any physical person.

A further ten - fifteen yards on, Bob and Sue heard a female voice although it was not clear enough to make out what was said, if anything?

Sue sensed, that whoever had been at the bottom of the slope was following us.

At the impact site (pictured right) of the American bomber crash, Sue got a distinct feeling that the pilot had unsuccessfully attempted to pull the aircraft up to miss the cliff after it had skimmed on the rocks.

Claire reported hearing a knocking-type noise which seemed to be coming from the direction of the rocks although this may have been caused by a nearby marker buoy?

Sarah heard two males having a conversation, which she felt to be coming from a short distance behind, in the direction of Margate.

Impact Site
Photo: Bryn

Claire got the impression that the aircraft was originally following the coastline before turning and impacting against the cliff-face.

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Pictured right - a light anomaly above the group.

During the session, Sarah got "Canadian" and "49".

With dusk now passed, we continued walking towards Foreness Point (pictured below, photographed earlier).

Light Anomaly
Photo: Bryn
Foreness Point
Photo: Bob

There was a constant, distant engine-type noise but we were fairly certain this was coming from nearby ships moored just off the coast.

Approximately fifty yards on, and at the same time, both Sarah and Sue heard footsteps behind the group although no physical person was evident.

Another fifty or so yards on, both Sue and Bryn saw a bright flash behind the group.
A minute later, Bob saw a bright flash on the cliff-face, in the same direction.

Bryn sensed there was someone behind us but, as earlier, there was no sign of any physical person.

Just after we continued walking, Sue heard a voice behind the group.

Claire thought she had seen a figure stood on the beach near to the rocks but there was no one there once illuminated by torchlight.

Claire felt whoever was following us was intrigued by what we were doing.

After we passed the slope, up to the cliff-top at the far end of the bay, and proceeded on towards Foreness Point, Sue sensed that whoever had been following us had now ceased doing so.

Possible UFO sightings.

Bryn noticed a bright reddish light flashing in the sky which seemed to be just off of the headland towards Margate, although in reality it could have been much further away.
As this disappeared he then saw three off-white lights appear together in a line, these lights were also then seen by Bob and Sue.
After two - three seconds, all three disappeared just as though someone had flicked a switch.
There was approximately 60% cloud coverage but the sky in the area of the sightings was clear.
Weather radar images for this time were checked later and indicated clear skies in that direction and no nearby weather activity.

Bryn noted a similar reddish light on several more occasions but the three off-white lights did not reappear.

Sketches illustrating these three lights in relation to the headland (Bryn - left, Bob - right):


We arrived at the end of the promenade at Foreness Point and headed up the slope to the cliff-top.

For the last fifteen - twenty minutes, we had noticed that there now seemed to be a lot of aircraft activity in the area of the sightings including the sound of a helicopter.

As we headed back along the cliff-top, we noted that aircraft activity in the area of the sighting had now ceased.

We stopped above the impact site of the bomber crash - nothing to report.

End of Walkabout.

Shortly afterwards, Bryn returned to the area in daylight and drove along the coast all the way to the Dreamland site looking for any spotlights/large security lights which may have been responsible for the three lights we had seen but nothing was apparent.
He also returned to the probable impact site to collect  more samples for analysis and found a piece of corroded metal embedded approximately 1 - 2 cm into the chalk.
The results of the analysis will be included in our follow-up report for April 27th.


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