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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
Montefiore Woods

Footpath near Woods
Footpath near the Woods - Photo: Bob

Wednesday 19th September, 2012.

Group: Sarah, Sue and Bob.

Written by Bob.

Commenced Walkabout and headed up Honeysuckle Lane.

Approximately halfway up, Sarah, looking across towards the woods, felt "a bit weird". She went to take a photo but her camera was playing up and she had to change the batteries before she could do so.
Light anomaly - pictured right, query moisture?

We entered the woods at the entrance nearest to the end of Honeysuckle Lane and followed the track down and then across.

Light anomaly
Photo: Sarah

About eight yards ahead of us, Sarah saw a light near to the ground and movement was heard.

Sarah and Bob saw two more lights at ground level approximately ten yards ahead of us, we moved to this area but could find no obvious physical reason for what had been seen.

Sarah and Sue heard what they described as a "heavy footstep".

Sarah reported hearing a "soft growl" directly in her left ear. Sue, who had been directly behind her, had not been aware of this sound.

Having now moved across the wood, we headed up towards the opposite top corner, further along from where we had initially entered the woods.

Sarah got "Witch" pop into her mind.

Now in this top corner, Sue felt as though something had grabbed the top of her left arm. She checked the close vicinity for any branches or other obstacles that she might had inadvertently knocked against but the area was clear.

Sarah picked-up on a man with a black beard, who was wearing a small cap - possibly a skull-cap?

Sue sensed a "Joshua".

Sarah heard, what sounded like, someone sniffing hard as if they had a blocked nose.
No one else was aware of this sound.

Sarah picked-up on a "Joshua Freeman" and, a few minutes later, sensed a "Sarah".
She also felt as though something had just brushed over her but there were no obvious cobwebs which was our initial suspicion.

Sue saw "two big lights" in the bushes, she did wonder if they might have been the result of a passing car, on the nearby road, but doubted it.

Still in this corner, an EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sarah got the year "1714", she also sensed that "Sarah" was wearing a white dress and was only young.

We moved across the top perimeter and back to the first entrance before heading back down into the centre of the woods.

Sue and Bob detected a cold breeze on what was an extremely still evening. This could have been natural but it did seem unnaturally cold.

We moved on, towards the bottom of the woods.

We arrived outside the rear boundary wall of the Synagogue.
Bob detected a brief but strong perfume odour similar to apricots which was not apparent to either Sarah or Sue.

At the far end of this boundary wall, an EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sarah sensed the words "They're spoiling this land".

Sue asked-out, she thought she had heard a bump as a response and asked for a repeat but was uncertain if there had been one due to background noise at that moment.

Pictured right - a light anomaly, query moisture?

Light Anomaly
Photo: Sarah

Sarah reported seeing a "misty red light" in the sky that was there one second and gone the next but did wonder that it was most likely an aircraft?

We relocated to the footpath/track running past the front of the Synagogue grounds (pictured at the top of this report).

Pictured right - taken from this footpath, a light anomaly on the wall to the side of the Synagogue door.
Probably the result of a mark on the wall or light falling across an uneven surface?

We moved further down this footpath and adjacent to the former site of some houses.

Sarah felt this had once been a busy thoroughfare and Bob got a strong impression that it had once been cobbled in black stone.

As we neared the end of this track, Sarah reported a brief but intense neck pain.
She backed up to where it had occurred to see if it would reoccur, but it didn't.

End of Walkabout.

Light Anomaly
Photo: Sue

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