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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report

Kingsgate Bay
Kingsgate Bay - Photo: Bryn

Thursday 28th June, 2012.

Group: Sue, Martin, Claire, Bryn, Dawn, Sarah and Bob.

Written by Bob.

We met on the cliff-top and made our way along and down into St. Bartholomew's Gap (pictured right).
Apparently so-named as it opened up during an earth tremor which occurred on St. Bartholomew's Day.

Approximately half way down, Sarah was picking-up on a woman in a long skirt which was either dirty, or brown in colour, she was aged 26 - 30 years-old.

Bryn described the atmosphere here as being "heavy" - possibly due to infra-sound, Bob suggested.

St. Bartholomew's Gap
Photo: Bob

Dawn, who had remained near the top with Sue, had also sensed a woman in a long dress but she couldn't 'see' a colour, although it was very ragged.
Both had also picked-up on a man who had been injured.
They also felt "the old man with the lantern" was still present, he had followed this woman and the other man down the gap towards the beach.

As we left the gap, Dawn thought she had heard Sue whispering but she had been silent at this point.

We located on Kingsgate Bay between the beach huts above and the shoreline.

Sarah heard two men having a conversation.
The group were all together at this time but no one else heard this.

We moved to the other end of the bay.

Sue felt this end of the bay was more active, it seemed to begin at roughly the centre of the beach and gradually increased as one moved to the far end, where we were now stood.

As we made our way up the steps to the cliff-top, Dawn remarked that she was not keen on the area of cliff to the left of these steps.

We returned to St. Bartholomew's Gap.
Pictured right - a view from the beach, including various faint light anomalies.

Approximately halfway down, Dawn made it clear that she did not like this area.
Sue agreed but felt it was not as bad as it had been on previous visits.

At the bottom of the gap, just before the beach, an EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Sue and Dawn sensed something was present but couldn't be any more specific at this time.
They remained in the gap, just before the steep slope, whilst the rest of the group went down onto the beach and into the first cave.

In the cave an EVP session was commenced.

Photo: Bryn

During this session, Bryn reported hearing faint voices and Sarah picked-up on the name "Jonathan".

Bob requested the sound of footsteps (as on previous investigations here) and what sounded like dragging footsteps, on the hard wet sand outside the cave, were heard by most of the group.

Claire heard a small bell ring and was also picking-up on somebody with a head injury.

Bryn was getting "Auckland" or "Oakland" or something similar and was also sensing someone with a pain between the top of their rib cage and throat.

Later examination of various audio recordings revealed nothing unusual and none of the sounds heard by group members were evident.

In the back of the cave, Claire was picking-up on a man who was hiding from three others who were wearing white shirts and leather waistcoats (light brown/tan colour) which were secured by leather ties in place of buttons.
Claire felt one of these three had hit their terrified victim over the head with a large rock, probably a flint which was larger than their hand.
She felt this had occurred in the late 1700's.

We rejoined Sue and Dawn in St. Bartholomew's Gap where, fifteen minutes earlier, they had heard a woman scream.
This had not been apparent to those on the beach or in the cave.

Sue and Dawn remarked that after we had gone down onto the beach, the area they were in had gone flat as though what ever had been there had followed us down onto the beach.

Sue did ask-out and request that something be done for those on the beach.

Sue felt the presence had now returned with the group from the beach.

We left the gap and returned to the cliff-top, following the footpath in the direction of Botany Bay.

Pictured right - a possible UFO sighting which appeared to be some distance out to sea off of Margate.
This is a cropped image but is at its full native resolution.

End of Walkabout.

Possible UFO
Photo: Bryn

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