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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report

A view across Kingsgate Bay - Photo: Bob

Saturday 3rd March, 2012.

Group: Sarah, Sue and Bob.

Written by Bob.

Prompted by a recent article in the local press, a few of us decided to look into it.

Arrived at Kingsgate.
We took various photos in an attempt to recreate the original with group members standing in as the figure.
Later analysis of these photos, comparing them to the original, suggest the figure was located in the chalet area close to, or up against, the cliff-edge fence, in an area easily accessible to the public. Several steps back from the fence and the figure would have been screened from view.
Whether the figure in the original photo was paranormal or not will probably never be know as it wasn't noticed at the time the photo was taken and the area checked to confirm it was person-free.
Our test photographs just demonstrate that it could have been a physical person in that particular area that may have been visible one moment and not the next.

We changed location and headed down the track to the beach under Neptune's Tower (pictured right).
This track is rumoured to have a haunting associated with it, allegedly that of an old man.

In the first beach cave, an EVP session was commenced.
Later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sarah heard a thud-type sound from the sand approximately eight feet in from the entrance (this was not evident on the recording).

Track to beach
Photo: Bob

Sue, outside the cave, confirmed she had not moved at that time, she was picking up on an old man who was telling her not to go into the cave.
Sarah had also got a similar feeling earlier, not to go inside.

Sue entered the cave (pictured right).
Sarah and Sue both described the atmosphere as "horrible", Sue also noticed a significant temperature drop.
Both felt this old man had a long stick and a lantern, possibly the lantern was on the stick.
Sue was certain he didn't like coming into this cave.

Sue was sensing there was someone laying down, possibly injured.
Sarah felt they had been shot. She was also picking-up on a woman in an old-fashioned long dress who brought bread and food here.

Photo: Sarah

Sue was also getting a child associated with this woman.
Both agreed the area outside of this cave had once been busy with lots of people coming and going.

Sue picked-up on a rowing boat and Sarah sensed a sail boat.

Sue felt the old man's name was "Bill", Sarah felt "Albert" but both agreed he was not happy to come inside this cave.

Sarah sensed the child, associated with the woman, was a boy.

Historically, on the beach almost opposite this cave, there was a confrontation between Revenue Men and smugglers, so it is possible that injured persons/prisoners may have been temporarily held in this cave?

As we headed back up the track (pictured right) to the cliff-top, Sarah felt that the woman and child used this route to the beach.
Sue also felt the same concerning the old man.

Sue remarked that the atmosphere on this track during daylight was not as bad as at night time (from previous visits).
She was also picking-up on someone who was on guard duty approximately a third of the way down from the top and it was as though you were not supposed to pass them.

Bottom of Track
Photo: Sarah

We followed the cliff-top path back towards Kingsgate.
Both agreed this was the route the old man had used. Sarah felt he lived close to this spot in a building that once stood here.

View across Kingsgate Bay
A view across Kingsgate Bay - Photo: Sarah

Now dusk, we relocated onto the beach at Kingsgate Bay (pictured above).
Unfortunately the big cave was no longer accessible due to a large rock fall.

Both Sarah and Sue remarked that this beach wasn't at all "busy" (in a spiritual sense) compared to the other.

Pictured right - a view looking in the opposite direction across the bay.

In the middle of the beach, Sarah heard singing which wasn't evident to anyone else. She couldn't hear any music just deep vocals although she couldn't make out any specific words.

We moved towards the cliff and under the area of the chalets above.

A few minutes later, Sarah could still hear the signing, which sounded happy, she suspected this might be a fisherman.

View across the Bay
Photo: Sarah

Sarah reported that she could no longer hear the singing.
Sue wasn't picking-up on much, she had briefly got a young man and woman.

Pictured right - a faint light anomaly on the beach.

Sarah glimpsed someone peer out from behind the cliff near to the steps, but a quick check confirmed that there was no physical person in that area.

An EVP session was commenced. Later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sue got the vague impression of a woman saying "I'm from the castle" and also a mention of the year of eighteen hundred and something?

Light Anomaly
Photo: Sarah

We moved up from the beach and into the chalet area.
Nothing was sensed here so we headed up Convent Road.

We stopped close to the area where "ghost sightings" of nuns had been reported in the past.
There were a few noises which were probably the local wildlife but nothing was seen or anything specific sensed.
Sue felt that whatever was here was probably not nuns but something which went further back to the Middle Ages or beyond.

End of Walkabout.


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