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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
Kingsdown and Walmer

Kingsdown coastal view (looking towards Walmer) - Photo: Bob

Saturday 6th October, 2012.

Group: Claire, Martin, Sue, Sarah and Bob.

Written by Bob.

Arrived and set off along the under-cliff at Kingsdown (pictured right), heading towards the direction of St. Margaret's Bay.

Sue described this first section of under-cliff as having "a dead feeling - like death".

Approximately thirty yards further on, Sue lost this feeling and sensed there was "more life" to this area. Both she and Bob described it as having stepped out of the shadows and into the light (this was not related to the actual daylight as it had not altered any).

Photo: Bob
A bit further back, Martin had mentioned that a certain area of cliff-top (pictured right) was reputed to have been the location where, in Medieval times, those found guilty of certain crimes would have been thrown to their death.

As a light-aircraft flew over, Sue remarked that she half-expected to see swastika markings on it - for the last fifty or so yards, she had felt as though she had gone back in time.

Photo: Bob

Having now reached the end of the under-cliff and unable to go any further due to the tide, Sarah mentioned that she felt strange and Claire remarked that it seemed too quiet.

A view of the French coast
A view of the French coast - Photo: Bob

Next to a small brick wall, Sarah sensed that something nasty had occurred there but couldn't be any more specific at this time.

Earlier, Sue had been picking-up on soldiers and Sarah was now getting soldiers specifically from WWI.

Sue sensed danger and also that heavy guns had once been stationed here.

Bob briefly saw a large olive-green square some distance away further down the footpath. He compared it to the side of a large van or lorry but this area was not accessible to vehicles nor anywhere near the road.

Sarah heard what she described as two people having a conversation.
Both she and Sue felt this area had come under attack from bombs and/or shells.

Sarah picked-up on a man stood near to the small wall who was clutching his stomach as though he had been injured.

Sarah reported having developed a sudden headache and Sue mentioned that she had been having headaches on and off since arriving.

Still at the far end, an EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session Martin heard voices in the middle-distance.
Sarah heard shouting from the direction of the sea and Bob heard what sounded like someone clearing their throat, again from the direction of the sea (the tide was still in at this time and breaking against the sea-wall).
None of these sounds were evident on the recording.

Sue picked-up on two men in uniform and also a large man stood behind them who didn't want us there. She felt he was totally unconnected to the soldiers and doubted he was even aware of them.

Sarah, Martin and Claire all heard someone shout "Hey" from further along the coast.
There were no persons visible and it was doubtful if anyone would have been there as the tide was still almost in, having only just turned.

Claire got the impression that this large man sits on the end of the small wall.

Sue reported seeing a long, thin flash on the cliffs in the distance.

There were no obvious responses after various asking-outs.

Martin remarked that the atmosphere had just changed to a negative one.

As the light was now fading, for safety reasons, we moved back along the coast.

Approximately halfway back, Martin mentioned that the negative atmosphere had now dissipated.

We arrived back at the location earlier described by Sue and Bob as the "shadow area".
An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sue picked-up on an "Edgar" who was wearing a modern-ish looking hard-hat. He was dirty and reminded her of a miner.
Claire heard what sounded like a woman sobbing, this may have also been heard by Sue who thought she had heard something similar.
Sarah sensed the year "1760".
The 'sobbing sound' was not evident on the recording.

We arrived back to where we had started and headed, via car, to Walmer.

After a break for refreshments, we had a wander along the seafront to the castle and back but nothing to report.

End of Walkabout.


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