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Thanet GhostWatch Property Investigation Report
Private investigation of an undisclosed Kent property

Undisclosed Location

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Written by Bob.

Group: Sue, Sarah, Julie, Bob, Karl and Dan.

Monday 18th July, 2011.

Arrived at the location which was the unoccupied living accommodation above a commercial premise.
Following a Risk Assessment, as required by our insurance, the investigation commenced.

Baseline Survey
Despite there being no mains power to the living accommodation, EMF readings were unusual in various areas. This was soon discovered to be due to a man-made external source and therefore any readings within the property were unreliable and were disregarded.

Living Room: air temperature 20.2C.
Front Bedroom: air temperature 20.3C.
Hallway: air temperature 20.6C.
Stairwell: air temperature 20.7C.
Kitchen: air temperature 20.6C.
Bathroom: air temperature 20.7C.
Toilet: air temperature 20.7C.
Back Bedroom: air temperature 20.7C.


Sarah remarked that she had felt "a bit strange" when in the back bedroom.

In the living room, Sarah was picking-up on a man wearing an apron.
Julie wondered if this man was a baker as she had just 'smelt' fresh-baked bread, she had also got the impression he was Jewish.
(Note: the current business downstairs was closed at this time and is not concerned in the preparation or sale of any foodstuffs).

Sue was sensing a child and a pram which she suspected were probably residual energy. She described the pram as having large wheels, was blue in colour and like a basket. She wasn't sure if it was a small pram or a child's toy pram.

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

During this EVP session, Julie picked-up on a "Mandy" and "1967".
Sarah sensed a "Derek", and Sue got a "Harry" along with "1949".
Dan reported developing a headache and his chest/heart felt strange.

During an asking-out, Sarah and Dan heard a clock ticking but the only clock was some distance away in the kitchen. Karl was closer to the kitchen at this time and couldn't hear it from where he was stood.

Bob asked for a tap and Sue reported hearing one, so Bob asked for two taps and two were evident to most of the group. Three taps were requested but no response was heard.
None of these taps were captured on the camcorder's audio.

Sue sensed we had been joined by a male presence. She could 'see' him dressed in black but could only make out his torso area, he had a small black box which had either holes in it or rings on it. She wondered if he had been an undertaker?
(Note: the current business downstairs is not an Undertakers).

Karl picked-up on a small, old woman who had bad legs, she was hunched over and walked with the aid of a stick. He felt she had spent a lot of time looking out of the windows and hadn't been downstairs for a long time as she had difficulty negotiating steps.

We moved into the back bedroom.
Air temperature: 21.9C.

Bob, who was sat on the floor in the doorway with the camcorder covering this room and hallway outside, could feel a natural slight draught coming up the stairs and also one from the bedroom window.

Several of the group felt drawn to the hallway and the top of the stairs.

Asking-out commenced including asking for the temperature to be dropped or for a distinct sound.
Julie suspected that whatever was here was probably weak and didn't have the energy to respond. Sue agreed and offered our energy.

Sue asked for her torch to be dimmed or turned off, there was no response but Bob, who had been looking down the hallway, thought the available natural light in the kitchen had briefly diminished.

Sue asked if they had used a walking stick and, if they had, to make a sound with it. A thump was immediately evident to most of the group but we were uncertain if this sound had come from within the building or from outside.

Sue remarked that she found the wardrobe in this room "interesting". Karl indicated he had previously seen a light moving across it on two separate occasions.

We asked for a knock on the wardrobe and shortly afterwards two faint taps were heard by the entire group apart from Dan.
Another tap was requested and another was possibly heard by Karl.
None of these taps were evident on the camcorder's audio.

Dan was getting the impression of someone crouching in the doorway next to Bob, at which point, Bob commented that the slight draught coming up the stairs had just increased substantially.

Julie and Sue saw a light which Julie described as being thin and like a feather.

Dan felt that whatever was here had passed fairly recently.

Air temperature: 21.6C.

The group formed into a Circle with Bob observing and Sue asking-out.

Bob, stood in the doorway, detected a brief odour of rotten eggs wafting up the stairs and two minutes later a distinct smell of fresh-baked bread.

Dan was beginning to sense things and Sarah felt the hood, on her jacket, was being tugged.
Sue requested her hood be tugged again and Sarah reported the sensation of it moving but no movement was evident on the video recording.

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