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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report

Sandwich Nature Reserve
Sandwich Nature Reserve Lake - Photo: Bob

Written by Bob.

Sunday 10th July, 2011.

Group: Sue, Bob, Sarah and Dawn.

Arrived in Sandwich.

After a pleasant stroll along the river and after visiting various locations we arrived at St. Clement's Church.

On entering the rear section of the graveyard, both Sue and Dawn reported instantly developing a headache - a pain above their eyes, and Sue also felt immense sadness.

Sarah got the feeling we were being watched by an elderly woman stood in the other section of the graveyard who was beckoning us over to her.
Sarah suspected her name began with an "E", Dawn sensed her name was "Eliza".

Sarah had now developed a headache and Sue was also sensing we were being watched.

Sarah moved to the spot where she had 'seen' this elderly woman stood near to a particular gravestone, an area we had not be into up until this time.
We all moved to this area as Sarah then discovered this gravestone had the name "Eliza" on it, aged 69.

Sue asked-out but there was no apparent response. She felt "Eliza" was not unhappy and was just curious about us.
An EVP session was commenced - strangely, later examination of this recording revealed most of it was missing with just six seconds of the start and nine seconds of the end on the voice recorder - a total of fifteen seconds for what should have been one - two minutes of duration.

Sue asked "Eliza" if things had changed since her time, Dawn thought she had 'heard' a "Yes" as a response.

We left the Churchyard and moved into Holy Ghost Alley.

At the point where the alley widened, Sue felt weird as though her balance was off, Sarah reported a pain in her shoulder and Dawn felt another headache coming on.

Sue and Dawn remarked that they could 'feel' the medieval atmosphere in this area.

We entered Gallows Field (an ancient site of execution), walking beside the stream.

Bob caught a glimpse of a figure out-of-the-corner-of-his-eye and, at first, assumed it was one of the group but they were all further ahead and no other physical persons were in the vicinity.

Sarah sensed that women had been immersed in this stream but this had taken place near to a bridge, possibly the bridge next to the entrance we had just come through.

On the playing field section by the tree-line bordering the Nature Reserve, Sue 'saw', what she described as, a procession of monks walking two abreast, probably thirty in total before she lost 'sight' of them.
Later in the evening after leaving Gallows Field, we came across an information board which indicated that the Port of Sandwich had been owned by the monks of Christchurch, Canterbury from 979 A.D. until 1290. Even after they had returned it to the King, the monks continued to enjoy certain rights and own various properties in the area.

Dawn picked-up on a scruffy looking man who was tall and thin, she suspected he may have been a Parson or Minister as he was wearing a white cravat around his neck.

Sarah 'saw' a wooden cart being pulled by men rather than by a horse.

Halfway along the tree-line, Sue asked-out but there was no obvious response.
An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this EVP session, as Bob had asked for a name, Sue had sensed the name "Richard" or possibly "Richards".

We entered the Nature Reserve.

As we turned off the main path, which runs parallel to the tree-line bordering the playing field, both Sue and Dawn remarked that all the feelings had stopped and the oppressiveness had lifted.

Sarah, who was well ahead of the rest of the group, heard a loud thud on the path directly behind her.

Sue remarked that she felt the site of the gallows would have been directly in front of us if we had continued along the main path.

Sarah 'heard' a shout, as though someone was trying to attract our attention, so we backtracked down the path to the spot where she suspected this sound had come from.
Sarah and Sue sensed a weak female presence, probably middle-aged.

As Sue asked-out, the rest of the group heard what sounded like footsteps further down the path.
Sarah picked-up on the year "1859" and Sue got the name "Eileen".
Sarah sensed "Eileen" had three children - a girl and two boys.
Several more sounds resembling footsteps were heard.

Sarah and Sue heard a branch snapping as though someone had stepped on it.

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Sarah sensed "Eileen" had a connection to herbs which she mixed, possibly a healer, but she later drowned or was drowned.

Sarah described this area as oppressive but this had dissipated by the time we turned onto a different footpath.

Arrived at the lake.
Nothing to report.

Left Gallows Field.

End of Walkabout.

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