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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
Pegwell Bay Nature Reserve

Pegwell Nature Reserve
Path through the Reserve - Photo: Bob

Saturday 26th November, 2011.

Written by Bob.

Group: Sarah, Bryn, Bob, Claire, Julie and Karl.

For some time we had wanted to carry out an investigation here but being sited next to a main road with all the associated traffic noise and lights it is not ideal. However, thanks to the road being temporarily closed it now meant noise and light pollution were no longer a problem.

Group assembled next to the Viking Ship before walking up to the Nature Reserve.

We stopped at the first picnic bench and Karl's K2 Meter was placed on top after ensuring all mobile phones were completely off.

The K2 Meter briefly indicated a reading.

Claire and Bryn both reported that their brand new camera batteries had failed.

Claire heard a "whining" type sound.

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sarah got the name "Darren".

Sarah was sensing that there was something present but couldn't be more specific.

Julie and Karl felt that whatever was here was very old, possibly Roman.

Karl and Bryn heard what sounded like two people talking from the direction of the marshes.

The K2 Meter indicated a maximum reading which lasted approximately three seconds.

Claire, over by the bushes, described that area as not feeling comfortable.

Sarah, at the bench, heard an "Err" sound, as though it was right in her ear.

Claire returned from the bushes and added that the area also felt sad.
Julie, at the bushes, agreed it felt sad, she was also picking-up on a lonely woman along with and old-fashioned scent like Lily of the Valley rather than a woodland-type odour normally associated with bushes.

With only female group members sitting around the bench, it was felt to shudder.
Clare reported her face was feeling very hot as though she was next to a fire.
Sarah also felt warm on one side of her face.

The K2 Meter activated again, maximum reading which lasted around two - three seconds.
A thud on the ground was also heard.

Claire thought she saw a white flash in the bushes.

Julie described this area as feeling "edgy" to which Sarah and Claire agreed.

We moved on.

As we entered the car park, Bryn thought he saw at least two figures at the far end, they seemed to be moving and obscuring some signs - no physical persons were in the vicinity.

Now at the far end of the car park, we stopped for a break before continuing along the path towards the former power station.

Julie reported hearing several distinct footsteps on gravel despite the entire group being stationary at the time.

As we neared the power station, the entire group saw a pair of yellow-orange eyes in the torchlight, a short distance behind us on the path, approximately three feet above the ground. These were visible for a few seconds before moving into the bushes, on the sea side of the path, and disappearing from view.

Was this a big cat sighting? It was too tall to have been a fox.
The previous week, a big cat had been reported not too far away, between Sandwich and Deal.

Pictured right - a video-still which appears to possibly show very faint "eyes" in the top right-hand corner. This was after whatever it was had moved off the path and into the bushes.

Video-still: Bryn

We headed back, following the same route.
Despite looking in the bushes, from the path, we could not see what had been responsible for "the eyes".

As we exited the car park, Claire reported hearing a "jangling" type sound, similar to a dog-walker using a chain but, as far as we could tell, there was no one else around.

A minute later, Julie heard what sounded like a man laughing but no one else in the group heard this.

We returned to the first picnic bench and, as before, the K2 Meter was placed on top.
All mobile phones were still turned off.

Sarah and Karl saw a "white misty ball", about the size of a ping-pong ball, moving about a foot off the ground. Karl witnessed it move in one direction and then back but Sarah only saw it move one way.

Bryn detected a burning odour, at the same time Julie took a photo appearing to show mist/smoke, photos before and after were clear.

As Karl asked-out, Claire picked-up on a name, possibly "Robert".

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this, Sarah reported a burning sensation to her feet.

Sarah saw movement out-of-the-corner-of-her-eye.

Claire and Julie reported hearing strange sounds from the direction of the bushes.

The K2 Meter activated, indicating a maximum reading which lasted for four - five seconds.
(orientation of the meter - at 1 o'clock, facing towards the road).

Claire suspected the name "Robert" she picked-up on earlier was more likely to have been “robber”, possibly referring to a highwayman?

Bryn reported seeing a fast moving light from the direction of the road, he doubted it had been a car as it was moving too fast - fast enough to leave a light trail.

Sarah witnessed one side of Julie's face change into that of an "old hag".

Bryn had a strange experience, which he described as "everything had shifted", it was as though this was his first time here despite having been here a few hours earlier.

Julie detected an apple-type odour.

Arrived back at the Viking Ship.
End of Walkabout.


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