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Thanet GhostWatch Outdoor Investigation Report
Courtstairs' Park

Pegwell Bay
A view across nearby Pegwell Bay - Photo: Bob

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Thursday 27th October, 2011.

Written by Bob.

Group: Julie, Paul, Bob, Keef, Sarah, Sue, Bryn and Karl.

Group assembled.

We moved into the sunken garden area.

Sarah, who was sat on the steps, heard what sounded like a twig snapping in the corner to her right. She moved to the bench nearest this corner with Julie and Paul where all three heard this sound on several more occasions.
Bob and Sue moved to this bench.

Paul was also picking-up on a group of people near the cliff-top entrance to this garden which he described as "going about their business and unaware of us".

As Sarah asked out, Bob heard something moving in front of him on the path leading to the corner from where the snapping-type sounds had been heard. Bob described this sound as similar to an empty crisp packet scrapping along a pavement in the wind but the path was clear of any objects and nothing was seen to move at the time in what was a fairly well illuminated area.

Sarah picked-up on the name "Chris".

Sue felt that any activity was concentrated around the flower-bed at the centre of this garden. She suspected a round structure had once stood there and described this as having been "more elaborate than a garden building but not more so than a house".

Sarah and Sue both sensed that the steps had always been here in some form or another and people would have regularly used them to access this former structure in the centre.

Keef, Karl and Bryn joined us with nothing to report, they had been at the bench opposite, under the trees.

Sue sensed there was something behind us on the other side of the hedge dividing this garden from the rest of the park.

Sarah thought she had heard distant screaming but suspected this was of human origin rather than paranormal.

A minute later, Sue heard a female-sounding noise as though someone was trying to attract out attention.

Sarah reported hearing a grunt-type sound from behind her, she was also picking-up on a man dressed all in black - jacket, trousers with a hat and beard.

Sue, Sarah and Karl were all sensing the residual energy of many people, but no children. The women were wearing long dresses and carrying parasols.
Karl felt they were passing through on their way down to the beach.

Karl witnessed a "ball of light" moving away from an area just to the left of the steps.
He felt these steps had originally been wider and this sunken garden had been more open without the hedges around its perimeter.

Bryn sensed this area had once been a kitchen-garden worked by monks and nuns, and fish had been carried through here from the beach below.

Bob reported hearing movement from behind the hedge so Karl and Bryn went to look but no physical person was found in that area.

Sarah felt the man dressed in black had now moved on.
Julie reported seeing some lights under the trees opposite.

Bob saw a light just to the left of the steps (in the same area as Karl earlier) and, at the same time, both Sarah and Karl saw a light moving up these steps.

Keef reported seeing some lights in the left-hand corner under the trees opposite. Shortly afterwards, Bob also saw one in the same area along with Karl who saw a red one although he wasn't sure if his eyes were playing tricks.

Sue picked-up on a monk dressed in a black robe who was purposely using the hood to conceal his face. She felt that he was not aware of us.
Bob wondered if he had a facial disfigurement, hence the concealment?

Sue sensed movement in the area of the steps.

Karl went over and placed his K2 Meter to the left of the steps before returning to the group.

An EVP session was commenced but later examination of this recording revealed nothing unusual.
During this session, Sarah got the name "Father John", Sue heard a woman scream and Karl heard, what sounded like, a sheep.
None of these sounds were evident on the recording.

We moved out of the sunken garden and followed the cliff-top path into the main section of the park.
There had been no activation of the K2 Meter.

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