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The Warren, Folkestone
Walkabout Report

View across The Warren
View across The Warren - Photo: Sarah

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Written by Jake.

Saturday 14th August, 2010.

Group: Keef, Natalie, Bob, Bryn, Jake and Sarah.

Arrived at The Warren at just after 18:00, parked the cars and then walked down to the concrete apron situated below the camp-site, arriving there at about 18:10.
After brief look around we headed along the seawall towards the direction of Dover.

As we walked along the seawall, we arrived at a low wall which had graffiti on it and above this there appeared to be a path, of some kind, leading up the cliff.
Here, Jake 'saw' an aircraft swoop down and crash into the cliffs about two-thirds of the way up. This was too quick to see any details except it was small - may be a one or two-engined fighter and, as it impacted, its tail dropped down onto the grass bank of the cliff.
Jake sensed this aircraft had been from the era of WWII.

Continuing along the seawall and in a small Cove near to the headland, Jake picked-up on a secret meeting between lovers that used to take place "out of season" as it was then quieter - around October to May. Jake was sensing this very strongly, there was a feeling of regret as if one of the lovers had called off the relationship and the other had kept returning to this "special place" of theirs.
Jake also picked-up on a suicide in this area but was uncertain if it was connected to one of these lovers.

We continued walking around the headland and onto the other concrete apron that lies adjacent to the footbridge over the railway line.
Jake was still picking-up on these lovers and pointed out that they had often used this bridge, or an earlier bridge, to walk to their "special place". He was sensing "strong remorse" from one of these people who, long after the relationship had been ended,would continue to come here alone. Whilst here, they had either contemplated taking their own life or had attempted to do so.

We walked up the cliff track, back in the direction of Folkestone, and took a break at a wooden bench.

We continued walking up the track.
In the bushes, to the right, Jake 'saw' a small child of about six or seven years-of-age watching the group, they then ducked down out of sight, as if not wanting to be seen.
This child had reddish/brownish hair.

Looking towards Dover
Looking towards the direction of Dover - Photo: Bob.

The group left the track and headed into the woodland to explore a recently abandoned camp - the remains of a make-shift tent and other debris, probably associated with someone living rough.
Whilst in this area, Jake could 'see' "camouflaged faces" peering through the vegetation and concluded this had probably once been used for military training and that we weren't meant to be here and 'seeing' this.

Jake was still picking-up on these soldiers, he sensed that during the Second World War this area would have been used for training and would have been strictly off-limits to civilians.
These soldiers were a local based unit of commandos and this would have been one of the last areas that they would have visited or trained at before being posted overseas, where many of them lost their lives.

Back on the track, we eventually emerged from the bushes on top of the railway embankment, with views towards the direction of Folkestone, where we rested for five minutes.

Jake picked-up on a group of people, again during WWII, who had been brought here and shot.
There were five people and there were connections with the "Free French" but Jake couldn't work out if the "Free French" had been doing the shooting, or if they had captured these five people, or if it was the "Free French" themselves who had been shot?

Whatever had gone on, Jake sensed this group of five had become a liability and the order had been given, on a local level, to "dispose" of them. It was all very well hidden as it would have been seen as a war crime.

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