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Thanet GhostWatch Walkabout Report
Minnis Bay to Reculver

Reculver Towers from Minnis Bay
A view of Reculver Towers in the far distance - Photo: Bob.

Written by Bob.

Saturday 12th February, 2011.

Group: Sue, Sarah, Bob, Julie, Paul, Andy and Claire.

Sue, Sarah and Bob left Minnis Bay walking towards Reculver along the sea-wall (approximately 3.7 miles).

Approximately a third of the way along the sea-wall, Sarah got the impression of men in brown boots who were marching. She could 'see' their knees and they were holding indistinguishable objects in their hands.
She felt they went a fair way back in history.

Approximately two-thirds of the way along the sea-wall as dusk began to fall, both Sue and Bob heard footsteps behind them. There was a clear view and no other physical persons were in the vicinity.
Sue also mentioned she had heard footsteps a bit further back.

Having moved further on, Sue picked-up on a woman and, at the same time, Sarah detected a brief waft of perfume.
Sue was unsure if this was a spirit or residual energy, if it was a spirit then she wasn't acknowledging us or may be she was unaware of us?

Arrived at Reculver Towers.
We were joined shortly after by Julie, Paul and Andy, and by Claire later on.

Andy set up his camcorder, in the South Tower, to monitor a trigger-object.

Pictured right - a light anomaly which appears to be on top of the brick tomb.

An EVP session was commenced between the towers - later analysis of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Following some asking-out, Sue thought she had heard some faint music, Sarah also heard this but suspected it may have been chanting.

Light Anomaly
Photo: Sue

Sarah sensed the presence of a monk who was not happy with us being there.

Sue and Bob both heard faint music - unsure if this was sound carrying from a natural source?

As Bob asked-out, Sue heard a tap from inside the door in the North Tower.
Sue asked for another tap and a few seconds later a tap was heard.
Sue asked again and a couple of taps were evident, which were also heard by Paul.

Andy reported hearing what sounded like footsteps on the wooden floor above and Julie heard movement on the gravel path between the North Tower and the cliff's edge.

A minute later, all the group were in the North Tower when Sarah and Julie heard a shuffling sound from the South Tower.

Both Andy and Julie witnessed, with their eyes, a brief white light which was moving near to Andy's camcorder in the South Tower.
Andy described this light as a "spark".

Sarah, who was stood in the external archway of the South Tower, felt something push past her legs and also a stabbing pain in her back.
She wondered if this had been a dog brushing past her legs?

Paul, in the North Tower, picked-up on a small girl aged between six and seven years-old.
At the same time, Sue, who was near Paul, sensed something small close by.

An EVP session was commenced - later analysis of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Sue picked-up on, what she described as, a "Man of God".
As Bob asked if such a person was present, Sue heard movement from outside of the South Tower.
Bob and Sarah heard footsteps outside of the North Tower and, in the same Tower, Julie heard footsteps from the wooden floor above.

Sarah 'saw' a young woman in the corner of the South Tower, she had a pale face which was tear-stained with mascara and she had brown shoulder-length hair which was untidy and stringy.
Sarah felt she was fairly recent in history.

Andy's 320 minute camcorder battery, fully charged the previous day, totally drained after less than an hour's use.
This was later determined to have been due to technical issues and not paranormal.

Pictured right and below - two light anomalies.

Bob conducted an EVP session away from the Towers at the far end of the ruins - later analysis of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Bob heard footsteps outside of the South Tower.

Light Anomaly
Photo: Sarah
Sue was still picking-up on a religious person but she doubted he was a monk.

EVP session in the South Tower - later analysis of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Light Anomaly
Photo: Sarah

Bob, who was in the North Tower, saw a figure who was facing the wall and crouching over Andy's flask which was against the front wall of the South Tower. At first he thought nothing of this, assuming it was Sarah who had just gone into this Tower. However when this figure quickly vanished, he checked with Sarah but she was around the corner and standing in the external archway where she had been all that time.

In the South Tower, Sue was asking-out and saw possible movement on the wall in the corner.
She could also hear faint music again.

An EVP session was commenced - later analysis of this recording revealed nothing unusual.

Sarah, in the North Tower, heard footsteps on the wooden floor above.

End of investigation.

There was no obvious movement of the trigger-object and nothing unusual was evident on Andy's video recording.

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