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St. Peter's Churchyard
Walkabout Report

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Written by Bob, Jake and Claire M.

Friday 27th August, 2010.

Group: Bob, CB, Jake, Julie, Paul, Claire M, Andy, Danny, Sarah and Sue.

Walkabout commenced using the footpaths throughout the graveyard.

As Jake walked through the archway and into the next section of graveyard, he picked-up on a male and female presence. These were an Edwardian couple (or earlier) who had come here for a picnic before this section of land was incorporated into the graveyard.

Jake was sensing their names as "Charlie" and "Roseanne", they were laughing and playing with a ball.

A few moments later, Jake picked-up on chickens, which he felt were being kept for producing eggs rather than for meat.

At the far end of the graveyard, Sarah felt as though something had followed us from the side footpath and she also reported hearing footsteps.

Jake sensed there was a lot of 'movement' around the perimeter and had just seen a white figure move along the tree line near the back right-hand corner facing towards Dane Valley.
Jake headed over to this area suspecting this may have been a physical person but no one was there.
Another member of the group also reported seeing a white light move in that area at the same time.

Paul, who was sat on the bench, sensed a presence stood next to him and asked for an indication.
In an apparent response, he felt a touching sensation on his upper arm.

Jake returned from the far corner where he had picked-up on the name "Stanley" who was a very lonely person, almost as though he had been forgotten about. He was unsure if this was a Christian name, which seemed more likely, or else a surname?

Another name was also picked-up, "Thomas", an elderly person.
Sue too was getting an old man and felt this was the same one Sarah had sensed earlier, who had followed us from the side footpath.

Sue felt this man had white/grey hair and possibly also facial hair.
Sue was 'seeing' him wearing a checked shirt and waistcoat, she felt he was a working man and was now following us, may be wanting to communicate?
Jake felt this was the same man he was sensing, with the two names possibly this was "Stanley Thomas" or "Thomas Stanley", more likely "Stanley Thomas".

At the start of the centre footpath back into the previous section of the graveyard, Sue asked-out.
Jake sensed another presence near to Sue, by the name of "Olive".

Julie detected an odour which she described as being "an old-fashioned type floral perfume".

Jake felt that "Olive" was now stood close to him.
She wasn't buried here, before this section became part of the churchyard it had been known as "Church Fields" and she had come here, with friends, for social gatherings.

Sarah, who had been a short distance from the group, had picked-up on a modern-day soldier and had also 'heard' "Gulf War" mentioned.

In the middle section of the graveyard and next to a damaged grave, a seaman came forward to Jake. He was very angry about his grave, Jake described him as having a sandy/gingery beard and bushy eyebrows. It wasn't so much the state of his grave he was angry about but the money he felt had been wasted on it, and in his words "It needed to be corrected".

Still in the middle section, Jake could 'hear' someone singing. This presence, he sensed, had been following us, he had been a member of a choir - possibly a Welsh male voice choir and seemed to be very proud of his voice.

Jake 'heard', what he described as, a pair of Wellington boots clomping along the path we were on, but they were walking faster than we were.

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